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Disclaimer: I haven't used Docker, not even once. I'll blame the current workload, because it's very much on my todo list, as I love(d) dotCloud.

With dotCloud though, deployments don't have any of that nonsense. Well, I suppose it does, but it was all part of the process. A simple `dotcloud push .` in a directory would run a script that 1) checked to see what servers and services (mysql, postgres, python, nginx, etc.) needed to be pushed to, 2) synced the code up to the server (can't remember if it was scp or rsync -- I think scp), 3) run migrations, 4) pip install requirements.txt.

My own process had a script in front of that to ensure that pushes came from commits, and I also had post-commit hooks that ran other tasks, but the act of deploying code to a dotCloud instance (which is essentially a Docker container) was never more complicated than `dotcloud push .`

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