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There are ultimately two types of people in the comments right now: those that will miss Winamp and those laughing it was still around.

Winamp worked. It played all your MP3s without any of the other fluff. It played your music in a very lightweight program. What was also nice was this was before every program auto-updated; so you'd manually have to go update it; except, the newer versions were adding features, not fixing bugs. If you thought Winamp was fine, there was never a need to upgrade. I remember never upgrading Winamp until way into my college years.

People have mentioned it, but I didn't change to foobar because I always used Winamp. Even when they made the modern UI, you could (and can) still go Classic. Computer space and performance weren't issues because the extra bells and whistles are easy to never use.

Only a few weeks ago did I make the move from Winamp to foobar; and it was only to see the difference. Initial thoughts are I don't like how it displays my music; but I do like the shuffle since its playing songs I never hear.

It worked for playing MP3s, but once you had a collection of a certain size it didn't do a very good job of managing that collection, at least at the time I stopped using it. You'd double-click an MP3 or a playlist and it would completely forget about everything that was in there before. I got so sick of that.

You can change that with a setting in the preferences.

Ain't that always the way.

I won't lie, this was probably the only annoyance I had with Winamp; however, years ago, I just decided Winamp was the 'everything' playlist on shuffle and if I ever had a hankering for a specific song, I'd use VLC. If I ever accidentally did it in Winamp, it was just a simple 'Add Folder' click away. I still feel that issue wasn't a complete deal breaker though. Everything else ran swimmingly.

It's been almost 10 years since I've used a new version of Winamp, but I really have to disagree with you about performance. When they started adding features it immediately started to suck performance wise. Had to go back to v2.whatever because of it. At the time I was on a top of the line or near top of the line Northwood system. v5 was a little better than v3, but it was full of ads at every corner if I remember correctly.

I used both, but in the end I just stick with Winamp because all I really care about is listening to music. It's really no big deal for me to find a playlist with Everything (or even just navigate there with Windows Explorer) and double click it. I suppose Winamp just fits in better with my workflow.

I recently updated Winamp to 6.65, and it removed the ‘play tracks similar to …’ feature. That is the only difference I noticed.

It was really long ago when Winamp was still lightweight :)

The Lite version is still lightweight.

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