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MediaMonkey [1] is awesome to find something. It's mainly a music organizer that just happens to be able to play music but it works great even with scattered single mp3 files. Autoplaylists [2], scriptable and extensive search options. Been using it for over 6 years now and never looked back :)

[1] http://www.mediamonkey.com

[2] Autoplaylists are only available for the Gold version.

Media Monkey was quite useful in adding mp3 tags the way I wanted and organizing the entire library.

I definitely recommend MediaMonkey Gold. It will keep your library organized, but however you want it, with no hassle at all. And if you're insane like me and keep a flac library, you can keep an mp3 mirror for your mp3 player/phone.

And you can switch between space used and time/processing power needed. Instead of keeping mirrors you could tell it to convert the files (depending on what you connected) on the fly into whatever format you want.

+1 for MediaMonkey, been using it for 5+ years.

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