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> I agree that many current 'Smart TV' efforts are awful, but the concept is very, very sound.

What makes the concept sound if the implementation certainly isn't?

> There are TVs with Hulu and Netflix just a few remote presses away - people want that.

Most Blu-ray players, game consoles, DVRs, etc come with Netflix and Hulu too. Why do I want my TV to do it when I have 5 other devices hooked up that can do it with a better UI? People already have these devices, so no, I don't think people want another, shittier, implementation.

> AV nerds are a small market by comparison.

Small, but like every nerd market, very vocal and very influential. Look at the best selling TVs on Amazon, they are all highly recommended in AV circles.

> This seems like more of an extension of hardware manufacturers still not being good at software. I'd say Samsung's version of Android proves that they still aren't great at it (but are getting better).


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