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"just not going to get a subsidised product"

What subsidized product? I just paid hundreds to thousands for something you advertise as a smart tv.

And I would happily pay more for a top display and decent audio, if I could have it without all the junk. I don't even need a tuner or channel selection. Just let me point the TV at the input source I want and then do what that input tells it, but do it well. My PVR/Blu-Ray/console/whatever can do the rest.

I suspect many other people would as well, but I have never been able to convince anyone else that there is sufficiently large enough market to make it viable. Remove the tuner: $2-5 Remove the codecs: £15 You still need a graphics plane, image scaler and video switch. In the end it is the panel that takes up most of the money. That and marketing, plastics, PSU, etc.

Which might not have those features if it wasn't subsidised.

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