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> software to install on the home router to block the connections based on the URLs?

tinyproxy does what you want.


Theoretically. But I've found out that it doesn't work on small Linuxes like OpenWRT -- the guy who took over maintenance obviously only works with big desktops and servers, he even removed the mechanisms for proper cross-compiling, at least the last time I looked, a couple of years ago. It looks like the people who use such distros aren't particularly interested in URL-based blocking?

We are really making it easy for all the companies that do the same that LG does.

Ah, didn't realize it wasn't supported for openWRT anymore.

Perhaps you would be happier with a script like https://gist.github.com/aarmot/5730468

There's also http://block.si/ cloud service but I haven't tried that.

Pretty sure there's a small dns blocker app for openwrt/pineapple as well, but don't remember the name of it right now.

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