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Do you know what, this actually annoyed me about my Panasonic TV, it does exactly the same.

When I go into the "Internet" function, it shows me ads at the bottom. Why am I seeing these ads?

For example, in the UK we pay the TV license to BBC to NOT see ads. We are paying for a TV so why am I still seeing ads?

If I was renting a TV at a reduced cost or some type of freemium model then I would expect it, takes the biscuit a little I say.

Samsung smart TVs are the same. I'm normally happy to view adverts if I am benefiting from whatever they fund - TV advert breaks paying for the content that I'm watching, in-app ads because I got the app for free, etc. With the adverts on the Samsung SmartHub all I can see is the software that I have already paid for.

Of course, the demo mode doesn't have advertising, so there is no way to know about it beforehand.

Potentially relevant link: http://www.samsungadhub.com

I'd have taken it back.

My Bravia EX has no adverts but I don't entirely trust it.

i have an NX Bravia and in the Channel Guide there are ads.. what about yours?

Not a thing. No ads at all anywhere. I'm in the UK though so it might be different and this unit is 3 years old now.

You can turn this off. There's a setting somewhere, I forget which

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