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Just started looking at what my Samsung is dialing up. + huge url param string is one thing that jumps out. Resolves to 'Samsung AdHub Portal'

Only seems to be transmitting back when using the smart tv stuff though. The request params and some of the stuff I can decipher. request? id=<some id> s=220x124 dt=03 did=<device id> pt=04 pv=T-INFOLINK2012-1003 nt=10 coc=<country> lnc=<language> ts=1384856584858 <timestamp> tz=<time zone> scr=1280x720 <screen size> dy=2012 md=12_X10PLUS mf=Samsung HTTP/1.1\\r\\n

I have a Samsung "Smart TV" and fortunately as their frontend is a piece of shit I never use their "smart" features.

Unfortunately for me my cable and internet provider (Bell Canada) has decided to start tracking usage habits to target ads:


Have you tried blocking the IP and see what that might break?

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