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I wonder if these failed login attempts are using passwords from the Adobe breach.

I think that is unlikely. The Adobe breach data looked like this:

   84557956-|--|-[redacted]@parponline.org-|-0tlHzKbr18uO6Wu5iaXtPQ==-|-mother's maiden name-Wilson|--
These logins are targeted at usernames. Adobe data didn't contain usernames, hence I don't understand how the Adobe data could help here.


  actor	<redacted>
  created_at	2013-11-18 21:03:47
  note	From GitHub.com
  user	<redacted>

Github users frequently have public email addresses or email addresses on their commits. It is also reasonable to try to match $foo@domain.com with the username $foo.

You can login to github using an e-mail address.

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