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I'm sorry to say that, and I didn't even visited the link, but I actually laughed when reading the title of this link. After the thread about what 4chan thinks of HN, this is like HN trying to parody itself :-D.

>Ask HN: Why is nobody using [obscure niche technology from the 80s]?

It's unfair to the office mates of those who use these hipster keyboards. They are extremely loud. It's amplified by those who have odd typing patterns too.


My wife forbade me from using my Model M (now deceased ... it turns out cat pee can in fact kill one) after 9pm :-(

I'm sorry for your loss.

I had the same thought, except this would be a parody of /g/ as well given how much Model M's are popular there.

Yeah, this is too much for me. It's creating a problem out of something that I would never consider to be a problem otherwise. I'm typing here on my Dell laptop keyboard with zero problems. As a matter of fact, mechanical key sounds would probably make my computing experience incredibly annoying.

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