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"This thing is loud, which really makes me feel like I'm getting serious work done when typing. Not so great if you share an office or participate in conference calls, though."

I'm told over and over again that the most important technique for programming success is interrupting programers as often as possible. They thrive on having to listen to sports discussions and having to listen to other people's music that they don't like when they're trying to concentrate. Open plans are the silver bullet of programmer productivity and surely a littly clicky clicky will only help.

Seriously though I have been using a Model M since the 90s, they are beyond awesome, excellent finger feel compared to mushboards, and cheap/easy to maintain. Every year or so I pop the keycaps off and wash them using dishwasher soap, let dry, pop back on. That's about all the maintenance they need. Every mass market article about them has some weird moth to the flame desire to go on and on about how loud they are. Dude, they're not jackhammers. They are discernibly louder if you pay attention to those things. If you don't pay attention you will not notice the difference.

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