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I like my Cherry G80, it feels exactly like my old Model-M from back in the day (MX Blue switches), build quality is workmanlike (but I like that, it's the ultimate in no frills packaging) but the switches are great and they are very cheap compared to many mechanicals.

There's really no reason but nerd-ego to use a Model M anymore, and this post is pretty pointless by not even mentioning the wide WIDE range of mechanical keyboards available today.

In the sense of using an original PS-2 or older keyboard I agree however Unicomp still makes the Model-M and they are essentially identical to the old Model-M's (and still fantastic keyboards) but since I wanted one for the office at home and one for the office at work I could get two G80's for less than a single Unicomp Model-M so it was a sensible buy.

In addition I really like the no-nonsense Cherry design, it feels like a tool and not a fashion statement.

Point is that any review of clicky keyboards is incomplete without mention of the new school boards. Unicomp also, unlike IBM, does not make a tenkeyless.

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