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I own the previous model (with the physical buttons) and I'm considering upgrading to a Kindle Paperwhite (because of the occasionnal glow on the screen when I read in bed).

The main issue for me is the weight of the device: 206g for the paperwhite and 170 for my older kindle (according to the amazon website).

Is this difference really noticeable? Is it still possible to read with one hand?

I can't recall ever noticing a big difference in weight between the two. I can easily go 2-3 hours reading the Paperwhite with one hand although the lack of physical buttons is annoying as it means you need to stretch your thumb over the bezel to touch the screen. Unless you need the lit screen I would stick with your current Kindle.

Ok thanks for the advice. I guess I'll wait for the next gen to upgrade

36 g (the difference in weight between the paperwhite and the older Kindle) is about two DVDs without cases.

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