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> What I would really like is a non-touch screen Paperwhite

I would honestly pay almost double the price for a Paperwhite that had physical buttons.

I love the Paperwhite - I stare at backlit screens all day enough as it is, so the frontlight is a welcome change - but I can't stand the touch screen. I really wish they'd bring the physical buttons back.

The issue I have is with the use of the touch screen for page turning. I prefer the touch screen to the awkward keys of the Kindle Keyboard's keyboard for everything else, but I really miss the physical page turn buttons. I would prefer awkward keys + physical page turn buttons to only touch.

Pocketbook Touch Lux and Bookeen Cybook Odyssey Frontlight are comparable to Kindle Paperwhite 1 and do have physical buttons for turning pages. Unfortunately, price is the same as that of a kindle paperwhite, not double the price.

This is why I bought another Kindle Keyboard when I lost my previous one. I can't stand touching the screen to turn the page. Page turn buttons are really a must have feature.

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