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I've used a Paperwhite, but for most of my reading I'm switching to an iPad Retina mini. The battery life is suitable, the screen is gorgeous (326 PPI vs 212: more than double the number of pixels per glyph) and I hope it will be easier to take notes (possibly even with voice dictation) and fire off emails and TODOs inspired by what I am reading. Most of all, though, I want fast PDF and Pocket/Instapaper in full color.

EDIT: I have not yet tried the Retina mini as a Paperwhite replacement except for an hour in the Apple Store. It's on the way. The in-store experience satisfied me sufficiently, but there is a chance I will come across a deal breaker.

I've not tried the Retina Ipad mini yet, but from reading on tablets in general they all feel like I am reading on a tablet. With my paperweight it actually feels like I am reading a book. Now that said technical oriented stuff I will take a tablet over a kindle everyday of the week.

Thats 100% subjective, and not having used the new Mini perhaps it really is that good.

Ive used the kindle dx and the regular last generation non-touch kindle in addition to the ipad air. The air is spectacular for reading programming books and the reading experience is great for anything else, especially when you need to look something up.

iBooks will sync bookmarks and notes for 'sideloaded' epubs and will automatically transfer new books onto the air. For PDFs the kindle app is great because it actually shows the table of contents(!).

It will be interesting to compare the two after extended use. This video attempts to do so, with only decent results:


I enjoy the iPad (4th gen) as a tablet but it isn't that great for reading outdoors when it is sunny and it isn't as comfortable on my eyes when in very low light. However it is great for reading technical documents (i.e. PDFs) while the Kindle's small screen is horrible for.

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