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Photoshop Blend Modes Explained (photoblogstop.com)
39 points by adamnemecek on Nov 16, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

I implemented some of these blending modes in JavaScript once upon a time, if anyone is curious: https://github.com/shazow/colorlib/blob/master/colorlib.js#L...

Based on the source code of GIMP and a bit of reverse engineering from Photoshop's behaviour (there were inconsistencies).

This is used in http://colorblendy.com/.

(Most of) the rest are available here (not my code, just code I've used):


Thanks, a bunch. This was actually the very thing I was looking for when I found this. I was trying to figure out the math myself but just about every website has no code or the code is incomplete/wrong.

That was my experience as well. Happy to help! :)

Nice lib ! will be quite usefull on my next pet project ,thanks ! that's why I love HN , one always find very smart folks that share bits of work.

Kudos to the author for trying to tackle a difficult subject, that most photoshop users don’t understand in a very technical or precise way, but would benefit greatly from understanding better.

Unfortunately this doesn’t (1) show you how the blend modes actually work in practice, or (2) tell you what to do with each blend mode or why you should care about it.

The text is okay, but text really isn’t a good medium for quickly/concisely conveying information about visual effects. (I’m reminded of mathematics papers from the days before we had mathematical notation.)

I really like this resource, from 2006: http://dunnbypaul.net/blends/

Koeri in these comments recommends Kai’s Power Tips. Also good is the book Photoshop Channel Chops, from the mid 1990s, now out of print. Much more useful than almost all of the Photoshop books published more recently.

Photoshop had blending modes, or rather channel operations, before it had layers. I learned how to use photoshop from kai's guide in the early 90's. It's amazing how powerful photoshop was even back then. I still think it's useful to read through those tips, just to understand what it is that photoshop does behind the scenes when you make it generate a drop shadow.


I feel like reading Coke's recipe.

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