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I have a Delta AmEx that I use to get miles. This card also has my biggest limit. When people don't take AmEx, I use my older Discover card. This has my second biggest limit and second best rewards.

When they don't take that, I use my Chase Visa card, which has a pretty small limit and pretty crappy rewards. I also have my first card, a Capital One Visa card, which I keep around because there's a cool picture on it.

I also have a business credit card for work, and another for my personal LLC.

And there's my debit card I use for ATMs.

And how are 4 cards a problem?

Honest question. I also have 4 cards. They don't thicken my wallet, they weigh nothing, and.. I never had a problem pulling the one I want on first try.

I mean, even in terms of 'first world problems', turning my 4 cards into 1 would never even have occurred to me.

Replacing them with a card that will one day make me say "Sorry can't pay, looks like the battery in my CC went flat" seems outright ridiculous.

This. Where is the problem here that this solves? Even if you had 8 cards (the limit of Coin), how often does selecting the correct card become a problem, enough to warrant this kind of over complicated, error prone solution?

First world problems indeed! And people claim there isn't a tech bubble, if projects like this get funding...

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