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What numbers?

There's absolutely no data to support any numbers for this, how could I possibly guess?

That's why I don't like this post. It would have been really interesting if there had been any basis at all for the numbers, but a model for something this complicated backed by nothing is worse than useless - it's misleading.

You're diligently missing the point. Which numbers do you disagree with? What do you think the more appropriate number would be? Change the numbers and rerun the script, so you can see if your argument even matters. If it does, pursue the argument.

Stucchio didn't propose a magic python script that answers the question of whether we should a basic income or basic job. He simply proposed a tool for making the debate more concrete. The debate still happens. It just gets less stupid.

> He simply proposed a tool for making the debate more concrete

No. it makes the debate less concrete.

The model is absolutely 100% meaningless. An equally valid model would be:

I assume that basic job has a cost of $1 trillion (+/- $500 million) and basic income has a cost of $3.25-3.5 trillion

How does that improve any debate?

This whole thread is really annoying me because it's just hiding bullshit behind "maths". There are no insights, no conclusions, nothing. Just some numbers. Most annoying of all is the stupid "write some fucking code!" counter-argument. No. I wont write code with bullshit numbers to try and convince people of something that has no data to support it

People are going to go away from reading this article actually convinced that basic job is better than basic income based on what is essentially this guys uninformed opinion. That is bad

You are now militantly misunderstanding Stucchio's point. I can't help you understand without repeating myself, so, best of luck, but I'm done.

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