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GlobalGiving.org's Super Typhoon Haiyan Relief Fund is raising funds to support immediate relief and long term recovery efforts. Donations made to the relief fund will be used to support local organizations that are well positioned to make a direct impact in their communities but lack the name brand recognition to fundraise internationally.

After the 2011 Japan Tsunami, GlobalGiving raised over $8.9M for the Japan relief fund and used it to support a variety of local non-profits in the Japan doing incredible work.


Disclosure: I'm the Chief Product Officer at GlobalGiving and am happy to answer any questions. Your donation will be used responsibility to ensure that it helps those in need in the Philippines.

Pre-emptive Answer: Yes, GlobalGiving has overhead. Every charity does. We offer you the option to explicitly cover this overhead when you donate so that 100% of your donation will go to relief efforts. None of the other charities can make this promise.

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