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Seriously, dude? It's attitudes like that which makes women hesitant to become coders and computer engineers. It doesn't matter what's between a person's legs; just that a person can code, enjoys doing it, and knows what they're talking about.

Cut the guy some slack, he obviously hates women because his mother named him "Pear Juice". Either that, or he's yet another insecure man-child hiding behind a pseudonym.

For years men were dominant in computer science and engineering and I really see no reason why this should change. Only in recent time with this whole third wave of post-feminism certain groups of females think it is their task to overthrow men supremacy in said fields. They are way too emotional for this profession and this results in drama and absolute shit code in production.

I am not saying the author of the article submitted has fallen victim to described wrong doings, I am only saying that at all cost unknown teritorry should be approached with extreme care. You don't know what is subliminally hidden until you realize. Too late.

This attitude is both hateful and harmful to our profession. It is not ok and I wish more of our peers would step up to tell you that this is not acceptable.

You are also making wildly inaccurate statements to justify your abuse and I hate to think that other readers might accept them uncritically. We have been actively pushing women out of computer science for the past 30 years (and doing a fine job or excluding and ignoring the contributions of other minority groups in the process). Suggesting that men "were" dominant and misrepresenting the direction of this change in willful ignorance of history at best.

I know relying to trolls is not particularly effective and other users have called this out for being hateful but I don't want to see us accept either the premises or the tone presented here.

> They are way too emotional for this profession and this results in drama and absolute shit code in production.

So that is where all of the shit code in production (which is the majority) comes from? it's really insidious, because the commits are made using male names. This must have been going on far longer than i imagined, because I've dealt with really old legacy code that is shit.

Since, you made a provable statement, I'm sure we will soon see a tremendous number of papers documenting this coming gynepacalapse of bad code.

Get out of my profession, you repugnant sexist asshole. This kind of rhetoric is not acceptable.

> third wave of post-feminism

Hint: /r/TheRedPill is going to make your life worse, not better.

Oh my god, I did not need to know that existed. I need brain bleach now.

Yeah, stay away from that stuff... can mess you up.

how does it feel to be a piece of shit?

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