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I Started Working Remotely – Track My Progress (lukethomas.com)
14 points by entrep11 on Nov 11, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

I'm with YesGraph and hired Luke. We're really excited! A good chunk of the team is remote, so feel free to AMA. He's lurking here too :-D

Do you have full office meetings? If so, how are they organized both physically in the office (conference room? one mic in the middle of a desk? laptops or projectors for video?) and software wise (hangouts, skype, etc)?

Yep, we have weekly all-hands meetings. We use google hangouts.

Most people are remote. We'll need to get a better equipment setup with enough people in any one location. Cameras just don't have a wide enough field of view.

I was helping another company a while back that also used hangouts for the one or two people that were remote. The local people numbered around 20. They just needed to stand in front of the camera to talk.

If you go to a larger company all hands, there is someone talking with a mic and an audience. Then the camera would just need to be on the speaker in the front.

Need a guy looking to escape .NET? :)

ivan@yesgraph.com :-D

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