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The US proves that a "guarantee of press freedom" means squat, when it's ignored in high profile with other guaranteed rights.

Where in the world is a good place to do business then?

You have a valid point; although in the US you will have advocacy groups that can field convincing legal arguments if you are being tortured, prosecuted for espionage for whistle blowing, etc. But yes, in the US the mask is slipping more and more. I mean it's nice that when bad things go down we can point to the bill of rights and scream about it's being violated; even if it is cold comfort to the victims of official malfeasance.

But hey at least we aren't a 1000-year old theocracy with no bill of rights whatsoever. And our guarantees of freedom of the press, means that those who want to know about stories that Very Serious People don't want heard will hear about them; even if they don't break out into open discussion until long after the fact.

As to where is a good place to do business...?

It depends on what your business is.

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