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Good luck with Android

Seriously. Apple isn't "developer friendly" usually for two reasons, 1) developers aren't always "user friendly" and 2) developers aren't always "apple friendly"

It can suck if your app is perpendicular to Apple's goals, but Apple has a product that's very consistent. As a user, the phone is an absolute joy to use.

Android is "developer friendly" in the sense that developers can usually do whatever they want, but look at the sorry state of the apps that Google has let rot and tried to push people to use the new Play versions of. Trying to release an Android device without doing exactly what Google wants is a pain in the ass. And in Google's ecosystem, absolutely everything is integrated with and dependent on Google services. Android is hardware vendor unfriendly as much as iOS is developer unfriendly. So much for openness.

Guess which one of the two is a worse experience for users? Every time I have to use someone's android device for something, I cringe. I haven't come across a single UI schema for Android that didn't give me fidgets. Making money on Android is far harder - an overwhelming number of people are just going to steal your app that took you more time and money to develop on an increasingly splintered platform.

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