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I think the OP needs to decide if he is going into business or politics. If business then incorporate outside the UK, get a bank account in Poland or Slovenia, and get on with it. If politics then set up a political association, call for members/donations, lobby parliament and organise demonstrations.

Being effective at either requires single-minded dedication. Don't try to do both at the same time.

The problem with going offshore are the bank fees for international wire transfers. The UK uses GBP not EUR so that is also a barrier to overcome.

edit: also, don't forget about what happened with transferwise.com. It was used to transfer GBP to EUR to get bitcoins from a Polish bank account. Transferwise then blocked people from using the service to buy bitcoins presumably due to UK bank pressure.

I have taken the decision to not pursue the business side of it. I'm more interested in helping BTC politically.

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