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Also from my experience with apartments, UPS will leave the package at the front desk while USPS leaves the package at the post office (forcing me to go to the post office to pick it up).

This. USPS for me has also been terrible about updating their tracking information, so I don't find out until late at night when expecting a package to find I need to make this trip. It is like they wait until the end of the day to update every package status.

I think I can echo having a list package from my mailbox vs front door and it has everything to do with FedEx/Ontrac/UPS leaving the box at my front door.

One of my favorites is the recommended carrier of Monoprice, Norcon, that emails you a photo of the delivered package once delivered.

Ontrac is a west coast delivery service, and from what I can tell they keep prices low by using mid-90s beater white minivans with a company logo magnet and issuing their employees a polo T uniform.

USPS doesn't even have a package tracking system. It's a delivery confirmation. The fact that they sometimes update the information when it passes a post office is completely optional, that's not the point. The only requirement is that it gets updated when the package is delivered and the postman is back to the office.

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