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Ok, here goes:

> Ok, so I’m going to ride the command line like a cowboy

That's a lot of kool-aid in a short sentence. Note, I'd rather have this over "Rackspace is the market-leading solution provider in the containerized virtualization space, empowered by award-winning Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) products such as Docker and LXC", but I do feel that you're pushing it a bit far in this post, here and there.

Yeah - I agree, I pushed some edges in the post - I'll keep that in mind. Thank you.

Ha, actually, I genuinely wonder: How did you feel when you wrote that you were going to ride the command line like a cowboy? :-)

Well, I moved to Texas in June and haven't really gone native yet, so I needed something to help me fit in.

Welcome to Texas! The winter will be a lot more fun than the summer was.

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