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When I ask people for feedforward about public speaking and three people tell me I should use humor more, I can figure out they don’t think I’m funny

I've had a mixed bag of reactions from this. Just as some can figure out that I don't think they are funny, there will be others that immediately get defensive: "what? you want me to be funnier? are you saying I am not funny?" - they may not verbalize this, but you see those thoughts going through their mind.

This brings us to the big flip side to feedforward: it doesn't inherently answer why. I know that I learn most when people can pinpoint a specific issue in past and make me aware of the issue. Often, once you've convinced me of the issue, I'll either know the fix or will ask you for one. But to simply give me the fix("hey! use more humor!") is less helpful to me if I am unaware or not fully convinced that I am not funny.

Edit: Upon more careful reading, I see that your feedforward is premised upon you asking for feedback about yourself where as my post comes from the angle of unsolicited feedback. Two different beasts! My bad.

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