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Rather than "be care what I wish for", I'm more inclined to see a warning that holding banks accountable for criminal activity is a bad thing for cryptomoney as a reductio ad absurdum argument against cryptomoney.

Your statement is ambiguous between "holding banks accountable for their crimes" or "holding banks accountable for the crimes of others".

Cryptocurrency advocates mostly dislike the result of the latter, but I don't think most people even understand that the latter is what's driving bank actions, precisely because anti-banking rhetoric tends to conflate the two in the same way.

> precisely because anti-banking rhetoric tends to conflate the two in the same way.

I don't think that people conflate them as much as you suggest. All the things I hear people complaining about are to do with misselling of insurance and mortgages, excessive overdraft fees, creating and trading insanely complicated derivatives at insane levels, foreclosing on property they don't actually have an interest in, cavalierly playing with the interest rates that the rest of the world are forced to treat as a fact of nature, insider trading, selling financial products to companies without revealing that they were created with the express intention of failing, breaking sanctions, actual money laundering, running and falling victim to ponzi schemes, paying giant sums of money to people who as far as anyone can tell from the outside failed in their duty and job, unduly influencing elected officials, deliberately manipulating the books so as to cripple entire countries and profiting in the process and then being caught on tape laughing about it.

I pretty much never hear people complaining about banks because they offer a good service to criminals.

Even if some of those criticisms are misguided, all I'm saying is that there is plenty of direct guilt that people impute to banks and bankers without having to start complaining that they are imputing indirect guilt too.

The question is whether banks should be a "common carrier" for money, just as the postman carries no responsibility if you send drugs through the post.

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