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I did consider it. But my first exercise was to attempt to do things in what I consider to be the right way, open and upfront. For example the business name was "bitcoin anchor ltd" when I was repeatedly advised to name it something else to subvert bank flags. I wanted to see what resistance I would run into and I could see no compelling reason why I shouldn't be able to do this.

As events unfolded (slowly) I've become more interested In working to level the playing field instead rather than running a second business that would require far more investment in time than it would if I was as to operate wholly in the uk. Don't mistake this for lack of drive, I have obligations to my current business which take priority.

The banks are committed to fighting fraud? What a joke.

Any letter to the banks should inculde a list of all their recent scams and fraud, from interest rate rigging, to mis-selling of products, along with the penalties they've paid.

Fighting fraud which loses them money. Fraud which makes them money is fine, because it's not fraud, it's "for your convenience".

> when I was repeatedly advised to name it something else to subvert bank flags

I presume it wasn't the banks who advised you about this - I wonder how many people know about the situation with Bitcoin?

Regardless, good on you for trying to level the playing field. Judging by nearly every issue of Private Eye recently we need a bit of help cleaning up financial services here.

The UK is sadly becoming increasingly like defective ex-soviet states, where doing things in the "right, open and upfront" way is no longer possible, as one is actively punished for honesty.

Had a fascinating chat with a Latvian chap who was telling me how literally every business in the country keeps two sets of books.

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