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Wow, that was a very in-depth investigation he did.

Kudos, unfortunately outcome, but kudos none-the-less.

Author here, thank you! It's tiring meeting all the resistance I do when trying to investigate these issues. As cheesy as it sounds any thanks I do get really does motivate me.

Well, in that spirit, let me give you my thanks too.

Also, with my experience of government, your letters never reached anyone with any understanding let alone authority within each organisation. I can assure you that there are smart people in government who know about Bitcoin and have been looking into it as I have met and discussed it with them. But these people are probably above the pay grade of the £20k pa staff handling these requests. And their job is basically to make all these Freedom of Information requests go away so they stop bothering everybody else, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Another thing to bare in mind, is that at BIS (and I suspect other government agencies and departments too) there is a focus to destroy all information not immediately useful. This way they can truthfully answer "we don't collect this information", which is a lot cheaper than actually fetching, reviewing and releasing it.

Dude, despite not owning any bitcoins myself, it's a depressing picture that you've painted of our institutions' reluctance to accept what could be a revolutionary currency. I hope you keep us posted.

> our institutions' reluctance to accept what could be a revolutionary currency

So, that's a pretty inherent quality of revolutionary things.

UK banks are under a lot of regulatory pressure to not facilitate money laundering. An important part of that is to be able to follow the paper trails of who has when money when. It's not just Bitcoin businesses that can't easily open accounts, there's trickiness across the board.

It is simply my opinion that the UK considers itself too much of a financial stalwart in the schema of grandiose capitalism, where it feels as though it has to stand by its archaic principles, in the face of many other much more conventionally strict economies' (such as German) ability to accept a new concept that, for once, is gaining credible traction and interest.

Were it not for the immense usage, support, and extensive literature that I would not take such an issue with the UK's reluctance to Bitcoin as I do.

s/UK/City of London and their ilk/g

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