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Want to download anime? Just made a program for that (rm2kdev.net)
14 points by rm2kdev on Nov 11, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 19 comments

Or for same price can get a month of crunchyroll and legally support the studios while enjoying 1080p videos on demand. I have some guest passes backed up if anyone is interested

I also have a number of guest passes. When the site first came into being, it was far worse quality and selection wise. Lately it looks like the translators that are working with/for them are doing a better job than they used to. You used to be able to find rips from them with their subtitles under the group name "horriblesubs" because of the lack of quality.

Now however, they're actually starting to grab new series that started airing, and doing a better job with the translations.

If you want a guest pass, email me, should be in my profile and i'll send it your way.

That's a monthly cost. not once off :)

Would love a guest pass!



It would be nice to see some details beyond just a couple screenshots and a "Download Trial Here!" link. Charging for this kind of thing also seems a bit dishonest.

Are you hosting all the content yourself? If so, there may be legal issues as well as scaling issues. Otherwise, just making this a frontend for existing ddl/xdcc/torrents seems again rather dishonest. I'd personally prefer to go track a download down myself at the quality and sub group that I prefer.

Might be good for people who just want to click and be able to watch a show without the hassle, though.

Hello! no I don't host the content myself the application acts as a search engine / index for content that a spider aggregates from the internet. However having seen a lot of the feedback thus far I'm going to make an update to the application that adds more transparency about where the video is being sourced from and downloaded from. it basically connects to streams from about 8 different websites where the users who upload the content have agreed to have the rights to do so and extracts the video links then downloads and manages the folders.

To all: The application merely acts as a search engine / agrigator for publicly available content hosted on sites such as youtube, dailymotion etc.

Its a search engine, as for legality, the users who upload the videos have agreed to having the required rights to upload said content.

The site / application are not affiliated with any of these users and merely scan, index and organize content that is publically available elsewhere.

Now plug it into hummingbird.me's API for episode tracking.

I don't see anywhere in the screenshots about it allowing you to pick the subbing group, though?

I think this is along the same argument that a lock pick isn't illegal but picking a lock might be illegal.

I don't see the crack, where is it ?

Pretty cool, but is it legal?

I'd say it depends on your legislation and on the question if you are talking about the program itself or about the process of using it to download material for which you do not have any rights.

I guess in austria, for example, it should be legal, because it's not explicitly forbidden to download copyrighted material, just to share it with others.

But: I am no laywer :)

Most likely not. Until evidence is presented that proves otherwise it would be smart to assume it isn't private either. Doing it yourself with a Seed Box is the secure(r) way. I echo the "cool" sentiment though.

Using seedboxes is also part of being a good torrent neighbor -- most private trackers have upload ratio requirements. These requirements are infinitely easier to meet when using a seedbox.

Based on the title listing, no. At least some of these are licensed in the US, moving it out of even the grey area that might exist otherwise.

We don't host any of the content its aggregated from public ally available websites the application is simply a search engine with links to where the content was found. Users who upload videos to these websites agree to have the rights to do so.

Then you making your thing could be okay, but someone using it is still probably not. :)

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