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My only suggestion is to provide free subscriptions to Universities, especially if you can address them to Computer Science departments.

While I attended Uni, we signed up for a ton of free trials to various magazines -- Linux Format, Linux Journal, EE Times, InfoSecurity, etc. We got pretty lucky in that most of the free trials never ended. And if they did, we'd pool together money and buy a year's subscription. The department even bought a couple for us.

I can't stress how influential these magazines were to our participation. We were in an academic environment surrounded by geniuses in their field. We could read an article and nobody would understand it -- bring that topic up at the end of a lecture and talk about it for 20-30 minutes with the prof afterwards. Abstract concepts began to tie in with lecture materials. We were able to validate our courses of study and how it can relate to the real world. While this could've been just as likely by printing out articles or emailing the prof articles and asking his opinion, it was much easier because everyone (mostly) had thumbed through the communal magazines and had some rudimentary understanding of what's being talked about. We were able to actively participate in the discussion. That comfort in asking questions and talking in front of peers led to some great lectures -- many of which probably wouldn't have existed without the magazines.

Thanks for the info. This is something we're keen to do.

I've got a few librarians, particularly research librarians, in the family. University libraries pay lots of money for whole-school access to online journals and other publications. If you can make your sales process friendly for university libraries you can increase visibility to people who aren't necessarily in the CS department and probably get paid too. Handling that sort of thing is one of the primary functions of a modern university library, they aren't afraid to pay a reasonable fee because they recognize that good publications need income in order to exist.

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