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I want to like Go. There's definitely some parts that are great, but for a relatively new language there were missed opportunities to adopt awesome features in other PLs. There are also some internal inconsistencies that I find grating. These inconsistencies are particularly irksome given how opinionated Go is (and how much I agree with most of those opinions).

I went and looked up some of my notes back when I was trying out Go. I hope to learn from others wether these are real issues or simply my misunderstandings.

1. So we don't get generics, but the language built-ins seem to get to be type-parameterized (channels, slices, maps). Unfortunately the syntax for doing so for each of these is inconsistent (probably as a result of being special-cased rather than dog-fooded using language-level generics): []float, map[float]float, chan float.

2. Built-in types seem to receive other special treatments as well, which includes special initialization keywords (make vs. new) and built-in functions (len, cap, etc.) but I don't see why this needed to be the case, even for performance reasons. There's no reason why the these built-in types couldn't pretend to implement built-in interfaces to make more transparent with user-types while having the compiler optimize them with special-case functions for efficiency.

3. Unused variables are a hard error which is a completely understandable stance. Unfortunately, I think people may use workarounds to get around this. Also, I can't believe unused variables are a hard error, but uninitialized variables are not! Instead we are supposed to trust that everything is OK since they get initialized to some kind of "zero" value that isn't even under the developer's control.

4. Other small quibbles: I think pattern matching on function arguments could have been implemented as sugar that uses interfaces and method calls under the covers. Also named return values are ugly, and the function declaration syntax could have been made more concise.

I find a lot of the types quite annoying, like the byte arrays etc. I'm sure I'm missing out on the benefit but it'd be nice to have more human readable variable types. I also found passing JSON around inside it quite awkward, though I'm no doubt just being a bit thick.

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