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Yes, because the problem isn't that American government is doing things which, when revealed, are "most damaging to the standing prestige of the United States and our relations with some of our best friends." No, the problem is that one man had the courage to reveal information about the kind of shit American government is doing to our "best friends." Clearly!

Are you all so naive as to believe all our "friends" whether from France, Germany, Israel, or even Russia don't conduct operations on the US?

I'd be much obliged if you provided any proof that one Western European country has been spying on a member of the US government. Because if you don't, this is all hand waving and smearing.

If you count Russia there have been a number of recent stories about Russian spies.

They seem comically bad at getting any intel - much of what the captured spies were caught with were publicly available documents. They had "gained access" to some organisation, but that org had open public access anyway.

I'd be amazed if GCHQ was not listening in to US politicians. I suspect that's why Obama had so much work done to his mobile phone before he was allowed to use it.

Really, governments spying on other governments is not news. The spies get found and expelled by one country, the other country expels a diplomat or two. Everyone expresses outrage. More spies get sent in.

Is it possible that they are amazingly good at not getting caught and controlling leaks. Every now and then they allow them salves to be caught with some crap documents, just to keep up appearances. Just a thought, neither you or I will ever know for sure, unless they develop some serious leaks.

Very droll to throw Russia in with western countries.

That other countries conduct intelligence operations against each other is well known. I mean Google it, look in any book about espionage.

Again, which other western country (e.g. France, Germany) has been spying on top US officials? No weasel words please.

It is perfectly well known that the US are the only such country to break the trust of their "friends".

So, because others do it, it makes it ok?

Well, yes, contingent on whether or not you believe the world is a rosey lollipop land. You might have thought this was cute but its naive.

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