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Weird, this isn't something I expected to see on the front page of HN. :P

To clarify, one of our community members (cmr) compiles these posts to summarize all the interesting developments in the language over the course of each week. It's an indispensable resource for those of us who can't devote ourselves full-time to Rust development (really, I'm in the IRC channel every day and I wasn't aware of half of these). It's also probably the best way for casual observers to keep tabs on the progress of the language in general. You can see the full archives here:


Thanks again, Corey!

As a casual observer they are a very interesting read, as are the meeting minutes that get put up.

Both "this week in rust" and meeting minutes are posted to /r/rust, which is a good resource for those who want to keep an eye on how Rust is rapidly developing.

The meeting minutes are fascinating reading! The jostle of the decision making process is interesting, but I really relish the buffet of juicy technical details.

Pity that r/rust is still fairly low volume.

There are a couple of submissions a day. For a language as young as Rust I wouldn't call that "low volume".

I meant the volume of comments, rather than submissions.

And I wasn't comparing to other programming subs, just saying comment threads don't get nearly as long as they ought to given how much activity is going on with Rust itself.

Relatively often there's a drought with no submissions for a couple of days too, though.

Well, i really like those posts, they are great. Just yesterday i read all those and afterwards i read the Pull Request comments and the sources and then some more rust stuff, just because i found it very interesting, so thanks for those "this week in rust" posts!

For someone eagerly awaiting a stable release this is a great way to keep track of what is changing and where Rust is heading!

No problem! I know how hard it can be tracking the fast-moving Rust.

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