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Again, am I really the only one here that doesn't care about all this? :P

No. Me too. I sometimes feel like I should - defending privacy is like maintaining herd immunity - it only works if we all do it. But I don't especially care. I don't love Google+ but I find it easy to ignore. Easier to ignore than Facebook mainly due to the fact that no-one tries to interact with me socially on it.

But the only places I really post are here and Reddit. I email stuff to close friends and occasionally use Facebook when I'm invited to an event but that's about the limit of my use of social media.

In general - I'm quite happy to be logged into Google across all services. It makes Google Now slightly more useful and I can happily ignore all the parts of it that don't interest me.

And advertisers are welcome to profile me to their heart's content - they just don't seem to be very good at it. I've never clicked on a targeted ad so it's seems a lot of effort to no real effect.

No, I find it to be of little concern as well. I rarely comment on Youtube videos in the first place, and even if I did, I doubt I'd care about the G+ aspect. In fact, I'm one of the people who want all of Google's services to be tightly integrated, IF they can find ways to leverage that integration to create a better experience. To my mind, integrating Blogger comments and G+ was one of the success stories of that.

Unfortunately, G+ still has a ton of issues that I find infuriating, and while I actively want to like G+, I find it hard to do so. That part frustrates me more than anything, when it comes to Google and their services.

No. Lately I've been feeling as if I live in a bubble, that I must be missing something. People seem to be losing their minds over this and other Google(+) business, while I think it's all quite fine.

No, I have problems with this as well. Mind you, I don't have social media accounts (except a deleted Twitter account and a tumblelog for recording graffiti[1] from my mobile phone).

[1] https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8403291/meaningless-miss...

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