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I was going to use Google Code for hosting my projects, but, after this fiasco, I think I'll just use Github instead.

Hey, at least I'll get to use a DVCS. :P

In all honesty, though, while this won't hurt Google right now, it's going to come back and bite them in the rear end soon enough. If they keep making these kinds of changes, what's next? Having to sign in to Google+ to use Android? A Google+ feed on the Chrome OS deskop? Requirements for Google+ account with "Developer Privileges" to download Go?

Again, this doesn't matter much now, but it's going to hurt them later. It happens to the best of everyone: Microsoft. Apple. Google.

I do both Google Code and Github. GC feels unmaintained these days, and there is no option for paid/private repositories. GC is also removing their download service - Github did the same but then later provided "releases" functionality.

Github's issue tracker is terrible (try to prioritise things) while GC is a lot better.

The one thing GC does really well is they let you have multiple repositories per project. This means you can have an Android repository, a server repository, a web site repository etc and they can all be on the same page using the same issue tracker, wiki etc. I've asked Github to implement this but they aren't interested. When each repo has its own wiki, issue tracker, releases etc it is far too painful (eg you can't move tickets between projects).

That also helps for documentation. My projects have extensive generated documentation. With github you have to dump that into a branch, and put generated content into a source code control system is not a good idea. With GC you can just created another repository and put the generated doc there.

I personally prefer Mercurial over git, but that isn't a realistic choice with github.

On the whole, while GC has some nice things, I doubt it has much of a future. I wish github would pick up the multiple repositories thing.

Out of curiosity, why would you prefer having multiple repos over a few top-level directories in one repo?

Because they are completely unrelated code bases sharing nothing. With subversion you could check out subtrees but that isn't practical with git.

For my personal projects a common pattern is a repo for the source and a repo for generated documentation.

For work projects we have an Android client (in Java), iOS client (in objective C), 3 different server components that share no code (Python), various analysis tools (Python), a client customisation layer (mini-Python), our website etc.

If all those were in one large repository it would be a huge sprawling mess. Also remember that branches are repository global. There would also be constant updates because other parts have changed, nothing to do with the component you are working on.

Or use Bitbucket! Free private repos :D

Even Google is moving to git (see Go, for instance). Google Code is obsolete.

You know Google Code supports using git for version control, right?

GitHub is better anyway :P

Why would anyone consider using Google Code?

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