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Reminds me of this article from a week ago about how google maps sucked because it failed at a particular coffee shop query in SF a gentleman that happens to be a techcrunch writer did. Google Maps and Facebook are amazing services that try to guess what's more relevant to you and most of the time get it write. This in itself is a pretty amazing achievement. This is what we should be amazed at, not these few times those services get it wrong. The level of self-entitlement is high here, especially that we're talking free web services here. The day they always get it right is the day we get human like (edit: or rather god like mind reading) perfect AI, not happening any time soon guys. So in the meantime, relax and enjoy the show. Or stop using these services if they're that bad, or even better, build your own.

> The day they always get it right is the day we get human like perfect AI

I agree with the majority of your comment, but not that line. Accomplishing that feat would not be "human like perfect AI" - it'd be mind-reading. My very closest friends could probably do a better job filtering my newsfeed than Facebook, but no way they would ever get it always right.

Thanks, edited.

Some services (like Google Search) are about returning a set of results that may possibly be right. Algorithms are undoubtedly brilliant in that context. When you want a single authoritative answer the gaps in datasets become much more obvious. To answer that type of question you either need better data (with cost and privacy concerns), or more human input. There are lots of problems that algorithm centred companies are not good at solving and it is very annoying that we are so reliant on them.

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