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>> "I don't see as many duckface pics on my feed each day."

That's your problem for friending those people, not the networks for showing you what you explicitly asked for (not duckface pics but posts from those people).

These things develop a culture though. The same friends you have on facebook may behave completely differently on a different platform.


Kinda. I have dozens of cousins with terrible politics and duck faces that I love to hang out with 2 or 3 times per year. things that get organized on Facebook. It's tough to have only digital friends that don't do duck face or push shitty politics if you also have real life friends.

I'd suggest Facebook's hide button. I have several family members I need to use Facebook to keep in touch with but they post things I have no interest in seeing. Those two clicks to hide their posts really improved me FB experience. I think it's something Facebook should make more obvious because it would improve the experience for a lot of people - particularly those with lots of 'friends' they've only met a few times or don't want to delete because of the social stigma attached.

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