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I have given up trying to unsub from many places, sometimes unsubing doesn't do anything, I generally just mark it as spam now days.

Then you're punishing the good guys.

The good guys don't send me mail I didn't ask for.

Yes, login-to-unsubscribe would be much more palatable if it were for things I actually opted in to. If I did not subscribe, then it should be easy to unsubscribe.

I'm looking at you, LinkedIn and Twitter. I've unsubscribed from about three or four waves of your bullshit. No, I don't care about what I might have "missed on Twitter". I didn't subscribe to this, you spamming fucks.

No, but they send you mail that you inadvertently asked for, and mail that you initially asked for but have since decided that you no longer want.

"mail that you inadvertently asked for" IS spam.

Personally I give them the benefit of the doubt and try to unsubscribe with ONE click.

There is no good reason to make people click more than once.

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