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Is there literally any reason to believe that Tesla's are more predisposed to catching on fire? Surely hundreds of cars burn and some explode in the U.S. every day. Where are the apologies from their manufacturers?

I suspect the number of cars less than a year old that catch fire after striking road debris is vanishly small.

I have nothing other than anecdotes to support my claim, but those anecdotes are based on a little shy of a decade as a firefighter.

The argument is going to be that Tesla batteries cover the entire bottom of the car where other cars have the gas tank under the trunk. Probably, Teslas will get more armor underneath and that will satisfy everyone.

Yeah. Notice that these fires have mostly been from damage to the front of the battery pack, well away from where the fuel tank is in other cards.

More armor near the front of the pack, and a redesign of the front of the pack to deflect debris to the sides, so the pack doesn't take the brunt of the force.

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