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Questions I like to ask as a job candidate:

- Can I see the code base? (it lets me see a bit of app structure, code style, etc.)

- How is the company doing business-wise? (I like to see big success indicators like rapid growth)

- How flexible is the employer with regards to having to take emergency and/or scheduled time off work without being penalized for vacation (i.e. waiting for a package, or specific to me, reserve duty in the military)?

- How do you see me fitting in with the company initially? (I am flexible, but I would like to know what role I am being hired for, as job descriptions are often opaque or misleading)

Unspoken questions I'm looking to have answered by coming in for an interview as a job candidate:

- What is the dynamic between employees?

- What is the company culture?

- How intense is work at the place typically? (just for personal gauging purposes - this isn't a make or break thing, but it's something I want to know)

- Does the workplace treat its employees well? (do the employees look happy to be there?)

- How transparent is a company when answering my questions? Are the responses detailed? Is there something that is being hidden from me?

There are probably more questions I tend to want answered that are never spoken, but incumbent on me to take note of through observations. As a job seeker, you owe it to yourself to be as sharp as possible about your own future.

> - Can I see the code base?

I've often wanted to ask this but didn't have the nerve to do it. Even if it doesn't raise some eyebrows, are there companies that actually say yes?

Heck, employers want to see code samples from employees. Why shouldn't employees be allowed see code samples for what they will be working with.

I got an affirmative answer with just a brief look into it - I didn't see the details, but I saw enough for me to extrapolate valuable developer insight.

I was obviously not looking to steal code, and I was a candidate that was "interviewed" by only tech leads - I think I asked more questions than they did, and I kept the discussion very respectful.

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