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Excellent list.

A few more:

- What will my typical day be like? (The answer will always start with "We don't have a typical day." So you say, "I know. Describe it as if there were one.")

- What will my life be like in 6 months? One year?

- What's the worst thing that can happen in the next 6 months? Next year?

- What's the probability we'll achieve our goals in the next 6 months? Next year?

Don't depend upon the answers but expect some very insightful discussion.

- What will I be doing the first week I'm here?

If you get an answer like "you'll be setting up your development machine and loading/building the A-12 project to get a feel for our servers and systems", that's good. You also have your first assignment when you show up and your boss is too busy to guide you around.

If you get a shrug and something more nebulous, press harder. If they can't answer, expect a goat rodeo when you start.

a "goat rodeo"?! I think I'm missing the analogy, can you explain?


I've found, "what was yesterday like, then?" to be a fine response when interviewers have claimed there's no typical day.

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