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Both the company and the candidate, it's a two way process. The company is looking for a good fit and the candidate is doing the same.


No, it's not. Even an average developer gets to pick between half a dozen offers when looking for a job. And his choice isn't always based on who pays him the most. Camaraderie and interesting projects also count for a lot.

What'd the comment say?

azio_m said something like:

"Get real. Interviews are a one-way street unless the candidate is a top talent AND the company is trying to recruit him."

His response to being called out:


It's trivial to have multiple job offers, and it is trivial to interview when you already have a job. You have to give the person being interviewed a reason to come work for you other than 'I sign the checks, bucko'.

So, yes, I want to know what the job is like, or I'm not accepting.

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