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Should have started his Kickstarter today while he's #1 on HN.

If only! I'm Australian, and Kickstarter only opens to our projects on November 13th (which, assuming it gets approved in a timely fashion, is when Sprite Lamp is going live).

We can just push him there again when he launches it ;)

I'm new here so I don't really know the etiquette. Would I be out of line posting a link to the Kickstarter campaign here when it happens? It's in four days. I don't yet have a feel for how Hacker News feels about self-promotion.

That would qualify as a "Show HN" kind of post, sure. I imagine the Kickstarter will have information to add in addition to the website we're all seeing now, too.

Definitely not against the etiquette. When you post the kickstarter link, it would also be nice if you included a link to the comments here in a comment in the new post

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