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This looks very interesting, I wasn't even aware that email sucked that much.

* * * Side tracking:

Is email marketing a good thing? I've never looked at any numbers regarding that. I'm genuinely asking the community here.

My intuition would be that it's not; I really hate receiving any sort of pre-formatted email from any service, unless it's Google Groups or something where I receive a message as a result of a human trying to interact with me, personally.

In that sense, I would believe that more, fancier, mass distributed marketing emails aren't what I'm wishing for in this world. But my intuition could be wrong. I'm also the kind of guy who just automatically recycles all the marketing mail I receive without ever looking at it.

So yeah: how effective is email marketing? On the long term, short term?

We use it in the form of a daily newsletter (news site), and originally when I took up speeding up the newsletter process and a redesign I realized I had entered the 5th circle of Hell.

The article is dead on about just how painful it is to create that I thought it would be useless. But the numbers don't lie and a fair amount of our subscribers open and use the service every day. Granted we're not marketing, but we are at least seeing people click on the items in the newsletter.

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