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Whoa cool. This will work well. I implemented a similar dynamic lighting solution for sprites back in 1997. I used 3D models though that were rendered and then the pure colors and Z-buffer were captured for dynamic lighting effects. Mentioned here as "Software Prototype: Real-time 2D Sprite Shader":


Very cool. I think some MMOs are using that technique in conjunction with server-side rendering for displaying good quality distant objects without having to push as much geometry to the client. Also nice work on Clara, I'm particularly looking forward to V-Ray support.

Do you have any examples of actual games, even if you're not sure that's what they're doing? I don't know of any MMO that has the server side resources to render meshes and send them to clients. Of course, most MMOs aren't "pushing geometry" to clients either, with the exception of Second Life style virtual worlds.

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