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I have absolutely no reason to ever use this but I'm absolutely going to throw money at the author because I'm a sucker for pixel art and this looks incredible. (I spent like five minutes staring at the zombie .gif, slackjawed.)

My girlfriend (who is responsible for most of the art in the examples) and I pretty much reacted the same way when we first got the algorithm working. It was one of those things that went from 'not working at all' to 'suddenly working perfectly when you fix one broken thing'. Good times.

Oh and thanks for the offer of thrown money!

Is my understanding of the technology correct that in the most basic sense what you are doing is creating normal maps, diffuse maps etc for a 3D plane?

This tool looks amazing and this will be my first time supporting a project via kickstater!

That is pretty much correct, except we are creating normal maps, depth maps, and ambient occlusion maps (and anisotropy maps but I haven't talked much about that yet). The diffuse map is something the artist will have to paint.

And, thanks!

Cool, but wouldn't it be better/easier to have a tool where you actually draw a depth map by hand but the tool shows you illumination from various directions in real time? At least for the pixel art case. I'm not an artist but to me that seems more intuitive.

The shadows on the bricks of the wall were what did it for me. All of it was impressive to me.

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