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I am just using Elementary Os.

How do you like it so far? Any issues,bugs?

Been using for the past 4 months and i can say that is fast, easy, out of the way, no bugs so far, boots in a blink, and the design although is a rip off of OSX, is very pleasant to the eye.

On the "bad" side, several packages are outdated (since is base in Ubuntu 12.04) and not too many tools for customization. Is almost perfect. If just want something that just works and not to worry about in the future, use eOS.

It's very nicely polished up, and I find it to be much quicker than vanilla Ubuntu. There are still a couple of issues and inconsistencies here and there, and you have to be satisfied with designers making opinionated decisions. One thing which doesn't quite work as well as I'd like is the window switching behaviour- it's a bit of a hassle switching around when you have many windows open. But nevertheless I would say it's the best linux desktop I've used. I also like the developers asking for a small payment upfront, rather than trying to monetize your data behind the scenes.

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