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- Google is afraid of Facebook

- Google wants more users in Google+

- People don't care about Google+

- This doesn't change the fact that Google is still afraid of Facebook and wants more people to use G+

- Google will try to do everything it can to drag you into this service which you won't use anyway

What's so strange about this?

-90% false

-100% true

-100% false for people using Google+ (absolute percentage unknown)

-50% false

-80% true

Let me rephrase "google is afraid of facebook" because it obviously leads to a lot of falses. Google would like to keep the marketing money that goes to Facebook back at Google.

True, I believe that it is a simple reasoning: more people on Google+ leads to the better targeting for a wider audience, so better ads and more revenue. The social interaction is just another channel of information.

As you said, why is it so strange? It makes a lot of sense from a marketing point of view (the business strategy dictates so) and an engineering point of view (they already have a commenting system for users).

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